Elizabeth The Unicorn
Unicorns are mythical creatures. Unfortunately in reality, they dont exist. But in business-land, they refer to something that is extremely rare and hard to find. Luckily for PSM they have captured such a rare and magical creature. Elizabeth is a source of stability within PSMs organization! She possesses rock-solid knowledge and expertise to get things done, consistently, efficiently, and effectively. Elizabeth is my go-to for anything PSM, even if it is beyond her scope of work, she takes the initiative to solve the problem, each and every time! Superstars like her are the individuals within organizations who are going to change everything. Elizabeths resourcefulness, technical expertise, communication habits, and hard work is what sets her apart from the donkeys of the world making a versatile employee such as herself, an asset to the company. Unicorns run in the wild but once caught they deliver explosive results, shatter expectations, and do so with flying colors. Elizabeth is my unicorn. PSM you should give this magician a raise. (Employee: Elizabeth Jones)
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Jessica Williams
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