Zero to One Hundred with PSM
When I started looking into digital marketing for Hellbender I realized that we were spending all the money in all the wrong places. Our sister store used PSM to be the experts for digital marketing so I reached out to Mike. He really knew his stuff and completely sold me on signing up for the digital marketing. Less than a month later, he calls me back to tell me about a promotion PSM had for bringing on new website clients. Sure enough, I wasn't 100% happy with our current provider and Firestorm was able to do all the things I wanted to do with the website and so much more, including integrating with the rest of our digital marketing. I was quite enthusiastic about it and encouraged our sister store to also switch to Firestorm for the website. So in less than 90 days both of our dealerships are now fully committed to PSM and the experience has been great. Elizabeth worked with us to get the websites set up in record time and she even helped us navigate other vendors who we had been having trouble communicating with to make sure everything got done the way we wanted it to and when we needed it to. So far everyone we have worked with at PSM has been very knowledgeable, friendly, and effective and helping us get results. I'm happy we made the switch and look forward to the success we will continue to build together. (Employee: Elizabeth Jones, Mike Martin)
Chris Hulsey
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