Tia is GREAT!!
I recently did some house cleaning on our website and made some updates to make the site more user-friendly, updated/ removed outdated information and verbiage, added some new features, etc. Tia was extremely helpful and made all of my updates in a timely fashion and worked directly with our designers to make the necessary changes needed and always kept me in the loop. She also provided me with several how-to guides and walked me through the processes of the things that I could do from my end. And from that I learned a lot about how to navigate the website from my end without needing to reach out to you guys and making quick fixes that I need (something that I wasn't very familiar with or confident on doing on my own before). The entire PSM team has been more than helpful anytime I have reached out and goes above and beyond to help! Thank you again for all being so awesome and great to work with! (Employee: Tia Robinson)
Ashley Kioski
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