Best Customer Service Ever!!
Talk about amazing! Ray and the rest of the team have gone way above and beyond, and circled the earth a few times, to make sure our dealership, Quaid Harley-Davidson, has everything we could want and even things we didnt know we wanted! One could say that we are not easy to please, or maybe even a little demanding, LOL...But with huge smiles & amazing work ethic (and usually a good joke or two) Ray, Tory, Tia and Alyssa (&team) always get the job a timely manner and usually better than we hoped. Without them we wouldnt be constantly growing, performing at our best and continuing to be the #1 dealership on the west coast! Thank you for helping us be the best we can be! (Employee: Ray Mondragon)
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Kristin Braaten
Kristin - thank you for the detailed review!  We love working with you guys and it's good to hear that you don't mind our bad jokes... oops, I meant "dad" jokes :)   


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