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I can't say enough good things about these two ladies! We have been working on updating our website, one page at a time {and it has been a lot of work and time involved} And every request and/or question that I have they respond and answer without any hesitation or delay. They both have met all of our needs/request each time. I feel like I've been a pain in their sides lately, because I contact them just about every other day {if not every day} and they are cheerful and always happy to help each time. We are very pleased with the look and the functionality of our website, its the best its ever been! Thank you Lauren and Alyssa, keep up the great work! (Employee: Lauren Linenfelser, Alyssa Hines)
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Carla Carlson
Hi Carla - We love all you guys up at Wolverine H-D and appreciate your business. Thanks for the nice review!
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