Dealership Success with Limited Resources and Staff
I have been involved with Powersports Marketing and John as our point man since 2012. That's seven years with the same company and fortunately the same Sales Ninja though probably only a brown belt at the time. Over the course of seven years we have shared in many success stories, from call blasts ,many sharpshooter programs, the introduction of the Firestorm email program to the introduction of our review site which currently has over 500 great reviews! Now to the present, we have experienced many challenges this year, staffing, changing markets and marketing approaches, limited budgets, but we are proud to say that we have overcome most obstacles in this changing market and are finding success! John's dedication and resources have been a pivotal part of that. As of now we are involved in a new month long marketing campaign targeted at many events and all departments of the dealership. All I can say is a simple Thanks to John (which is probably a third degree black belt badass by now) and to the staff at Powersports Marketing for help over the past years making Interstate Honda a success story (Employee: John Ambuehl)
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Greg Ditus
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